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4 Top Tips For Making Mistakes Well in a Growing Business 

individual responsibility making good choices personal growth personal responsibility self-improvement Mar 02, 2023
Woman pointing at the text: The truth about how to take personal responsibility (and 2 lies)
/Every single entrepreneur has this one thing in common: it’s called being human.
And humans (even the successful ones) make mistakes. It comes with the territory.
But don’t be embarrassed about it. 
Don’t sweep it under the rug.
Yes, the effects might have a big impact on your business. But this is a really important time to take personal responsibility and let this experience help you keep growing your business in a better way.
And as business owners, who want happy, healthy, and thriving businesses, we have to bring our “human” to the table when it’s time to take personal responsibility. 
Warning: this might get a little uncomfortable. But if you take the time to work through these tips, you will always keep the needle moving forward in your business no matter what. 

Own It 

We don’t set out consciously to do something bad (obviously), but sometimes mistakes do happen. And the consequences can be horrendous, even though it wasn’t intentional. 
At the My Sexy Business Team, we regularly ask this important question: “Are you letting your human hang out?"
If you’ve made a mistake because you’re human, that’s OK. Own it. Acknowledge it. Apologize to whomever you need to, and be real about how you’re going to solve it.
And start getting comfortable with letting your human hang out.

Figure it out 

Slow down and try to figure out where you went wrong. You might even be able to ask your mentor or biz besties to help you out if they know you well.
Did you react too spontaneously to something someone else did?
Did you make a bad judgment call because you didn’t have all the information?
Did you make a decision from a place of melty?
Did you try to handle something alone that you needed help with?
There are all kinds of factors that can lead us to bad judgment calls and the more you get to know yourself, the less often it will happen.
Remember, nobody ever gets it perfect. It’s all about learning as you grow. And you learn (and grow) by letting your human hang out and asking the hard questions at each point in the journey. 

Understand your patterns and tendencies

What happens when you skip steps 1 and 2? You develop patterns of perpetual bad choices because you didn’t deal with something early on.
It becomes a well-worn path where you repeat the same behaviors that lead to similar mistakes and bad judgment calls. 
If you want to evolve as a person and grow your business then you’ve got to look for hints of these patterns. 
And don’t get discouraged about finding them. We all have them. Be encouraged, because now you can get to the root of any emotions or behaviors that could sabotage your business in the long run. 

 Fix your “Want To” 

When we want to do something, we find a way
When we don’t want to do something, we will find every excuse under the sun. 
When your “want to” is intact and you want to do better, you can if you just slow down. 
And that’s what these 4 tips are meant to help you to do. 
It’s tempting to speed up and race past your mistakes. If you think you can ignore them and they’ll go away, remember that the opposite will happen.
By racing past our mistakes, we just create patterns that will burn our business down. 
So think about your business, and why you created it.
Think about the people you want to help. 
Think about the goals you had when you started your business. 
Look around at the lives you’re changing. 
Taking personal responsibility is a tough process, but when you’re aware of your triggers and your “Want To” is intact, then no mistakes (no matter how big) will ever keep your business from growing and growing and growing.
When you’re a human building a business, mistakes are going to happen. Taking personal responsibility is what will set you apart from others in the best way. 
It will make you someone people want to work with and work for. It might seem counter-intuitive to admit your mistakes to people, but it’s one of the ways you can genuinely build a sexy business for a sexy life.
If you’re looking for a group of transparent entrepreneurs taking personal responsibility for their personal growth, join us at F.I.R.E Up Groundwork Brigade. Together we encourage each other and hold each other accountable, all while learning how to build an impact-driven business.
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