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3 Ways Your Business Can Make Money and Help Others

Nov 15, 2021

3 Ways Your Business Can Make Money and Help Others

Do you have a money problem? 
Are you undercharging for a great product? 
Are you doing too much work for free?
Do you hear yourself saying things like, “For me, it’s really not about the money.”
I’m all about helping people.”
And at the same time, you’re struggling to make ends meet. You’re working round the clock, always busy and always jumping to the next thing on your list. The thought of your business growing seems impossible because you don’t know how you’d ever fit in more work.
This may be a hard pill to swallow, but you might be the money-problem in your business. 
Your actions speak louder than words. And even though you might want your business to grow, if you hate making money that will never happen. 

Why is it SO hard for some of us to make money?

THE LIE: You have to choose between making money or being a good person.
Maybe you are like me and grew up thinking that having a lot of money meant you only cared about money. It went hand in hand with dodgy business dealings and general sleaziness. 
THE LIE: You have to choose between making money and being content. 
Maybe you saw some really lucky friends who inherited money and learned to accept that some people just have money, and others don’t. 
THE LIE: You have to choose between making money and helping people.
A lot of entrepreneurs start a business because they see a need. They want to make a difference and help people accomplish something. So they develop a product or a service that will have an impact in the world. 
Then we think it’s bad to accept money for our services because we are “Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs.” And in our minds it doesn’t seem right to make a lot of money from something that is supposed to help people. 
THE TRUTH: You don’t actually have to choose. 
None of those things are mutually exclusive. You can be a good person, learn to be content, and love helping people WHILE making money in your business.
And not only is it possible, but it’s also really important that you do. And here are 3 reasons why: 

YOUR BUSINESS Needs You to Make Money

We think we have to choose between THE MISSION or THE MONEY but the money is what facilitates the mission of your business.

“If you don’t make some money in your business, you won’t be able to sustain it.”
What’s the point in having an impact and helping people for only 6 months and then having to quit because your business runs out of money? 
A sexy business has a long term goal, and needs to be sustainable so you can make your mission happen.
If your business can’t grow, it will stagnate. Money facilitates growth, and growth is how you and your product reach more people and have a greater impact for the long term.  

OTHER PEOPLE Need You to Make Money

Making money can also have an impact on a mission that is not related to your business, but is close to your heart.
There might be a charity or cause that could benefit greatly from your support. You can be a regular donor to an education fund, a church or an emergency service provider. 
And if your business growth has allowed you to have free time in your calendar, you can even be the person that steps in as a physical volunteer when there is a need.
Maybe your family needs financial or physical support that you would only be able to give them through your business’s financial success. 
“Money is not bad. It’s not good either. It’s what you do with it that matters.”
And it has to be said that when it comes to making an impact, your influence matters. And the more money you have, the more influence you can have. That’s because it gives you this magic word: ACCESS. 
When your business makes a lot of money, it allows you to move in circles where there is more money and more people making an impact. It’s like an upward cycle of growth that allows you to have a bigger impact in your spheres and beyond!

YOU Need Your Business to Make Money

We all need to earn money to live our day-to-day lives. We can’t pretend that we don’t need money. We need to pay rent, buy groceries, and fill up with gas (and the list goes on!).
If your current business plan doesn’t bring in enough money, then it can’t support you. And you’ll have to face the sad reality that you might have to go get another job that does pay the bills - one that you probably don’t love as much as your business. Say goodbye to your hopes for a sexy business and a sexy life. 
We all have to earn money somehow. So why not do it doing something you love, something you’re good at, and something that’s helping others achieve their goals. 

If your business has a mission - if it has purpose and is making an impact - then you owe it to your business (and yourself) to be making enough money to sustain it. 
It’s time to change those default settings and confront that lie that you have to choose one of two extremes: It’s ALL about the money vs It’s NOT AT ALL about the money.
So think about the way you look at making money. And then think about the way you want to make an impact. 
Always remember that the impact you want to make is affected by the money that you actually make in your business. And you have the opportunity to make that money doing the thing you absolutely love doing. How incredible is that?
“Be respectful of money. Don’t Love it. But definitely don’t hate it.”
That way you can be in your business for a very long time. And you can make an impact like no-one else can.
The My Sexy Business Mastermind course is the perfect next step for a business that’s ready to respect money, and embrace the growth and impact it can bring. That’s what the My Sexy Business Team is all about - taking the journey with you to help you build a (long term) sexy business for a sexy life!