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3 Tips for Becoming the Most Successful Leader in Your Growing Business

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You've probably heard the expression "they’re a born leader". This phrase implies that leaders are born, not made. We have a different opinion. 
We believe that leaders are made and that GREAT leaders inspire, create, form and shape other great leaders. 
So there is hope and opportunity for anyone and everyone to be a leader because leadership can be taught, learned and practiced. 
Are you ready to learn what it takes to become not just any leader but a great and successful one? 
Keep reading as we reveal 3 top tips to help you become an inspirational leader in your business today!

Give yourself permission to lead (and follow)

All great, successful leaders are followers first, followers of other great leaders. They choose to watch and learn from the best instead of quickly and arrogantly stepping into a role of leadership, thinking they know it all. 
Become a great leader by giving yourself permission to be a follower of other incredible leaders, first. Be willing to listen, learn and be inspired by the greats in your life so that you can become great and influential in someone else’s life and in your business too. 
At some point (when you have acquired the necessary leadership skills), give yourself permission to lead. Never stop following, but take that rightful position of leadership in your business and, with confidence and experience, lead your business to greatness and success.

Are you a leader or a manager in your business?

Managing and leading are two very different styles of running a business. Managers persuade, and leaders inspire.
Which one are you?
Managers persuade people to do something which they may not want to do while leaders inspire people to do things they thought they never could. 
Managers tend to micromanage. Micromanagement creates more followers, instead of raising up future leaders.
A lot of managers want followers who do what they say, nothing more and nothing less. Creating a team that is dependent on them for all things. Some managers create dependent teams that are not given the opportunity to learn, grow and inspire.
Successful leaders are not interested in creating followers who they can control and micromanage. Instead, they look to inspire and create independent, strong individuals who will one day be able to lead their businesses and others to success and greatness.  
This strong team will take initiative, be productive, creative and contribute to the success and growth of your business.
Are you creating followers or inspiring leaders?

Be serious about your role as a leader in your business

Have you ever watched as the water swirls around in the bathtub and down the drain? There's a sucking sound you hear as the water becomes less and less and travels nowhere but down, down, down the hole.
This is how the future of an entrepreneur looks that has no direction. They are in the middle, not a leader nor a follower. They are indecisive. 
Don’t be like that sucky sound, going nowhere. Make the decision to step into your leadership role with confidence and pride. 
Always be willing to go the extra mile and not just go, but go first. Lead by example. Take responsibility for all your actions and be trustworthy. 
It takes time, effort and commitment, but it is the only way to be a great and successful leader in your business. 
At the My Sexy Business Team, we are all about creating and inspiring leaders. Our F.I.R.E Up Groundwork Brigade will show you how to become a fierce leader that serves hard and empowers others. 
If you missed the conversation between David White & Kim White (they aren't related, but relatable), you can listen to it here. 
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