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3 Practical Ways To Be More Positive (And Boost Your Business Growth)

building self-confidence finding contentment negative self-talk positive thinking relational business Jan 18, 2023
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Is your BUT hanging out? 
Yes, you read that correctly! It’s time to talk about those big BUT’s of ours. (Of course we are talking about the BUT with one “T” in case you’re getting worried.) 
Did you know that whenever you’re saying something good and you put a “BUT” after it, it cancels all the good you said before it.
“I gave a great workshop, but …”
“I’m good at hosting events, but …”
“I just started something really new and exciting, but…”
It’s so easy to cancel the positive. And that can have disastrous effects if you’re trying to build a relational business.
Positivity is a crucial element of a relational business because it promotes growth in a way that a huge budget and impressive strategies can’t always do. 
But practicing positivity doesn’t come naturally to all of us. 
So here are 3 practical ways to start practicing positivity in your life and business.

1. Positivity Is Rooted In Your Self-Worth 

If you find yourself naturally canceling out the positive (and letting your “but” hang out) then it’s time to figure out why. 
Let’s lift up the hood and see what’s happening underneath that motor. This is when you might notice a little red warning light flashing. It’s the self-worth light asking you to take a moment to reflect on one very important question. 
Where is your self-worth based? 
Being a more positive person starts with knowing your self-worth and making sure it is based in the right place. 
It’s the perfect opportunity to recalibrate where you are finding your self-worth.
Are you happy with who you are and what you have? 
Are you content with who you were made to be?
Warning: This is a hard thing to do sometimes. We have to be honest and DIG DEEP. And it might even sting a little when we face the answers. 
But genuine positivity that builds relationships and grows your business needs strong roots. So it’s worth doing the hard work for yourself and your business.
When you can recognize that you are exactly who you’re meant to be and you’re grateful for that, then being positive becomes easier. 

2. Positivity Is Fueled By Confidence

The kind of positivity that grows a business is not Toxic Positivity - all smiles, fairy dust, and happiness. 
The positivity that builds relational businesses is fueled by confidence. 
Confidence is knowing that you can do something or at least that you are willing to try. 
True confidence is super sexy. We are attracted to people with confidence. 
And remember, there is a difference between arrogance and confidence.
Arrogance is wanting to take credit for something we are not doing. And arrogance usually leads to negativity in our thoughts, conversations, and team culture. 
Comparison is the enemy of confidence, even when you’re trying to be more confident. 
Do you ever feel like you can’t be that “confident person” you’re picturing in your mind? 
The truth is that you aren’t meant to be “that confident person.”
The only person you are meant to be is YOU.  And you can be confident being you

3.  Positivity Blooms In Your thoughts

There’s a fine line between being confident and being arrogant. And that’s where the positive and negative self-talk comes from. 
When you are certain of your self-worth and are walking in confidence, then your thoughts are filled with positive self-talk.
But when you’re living in a world of comparison then the negative self-talk takes over. And that’s when the BUTs start appearing left, right, and center canceling out all the positive anytime it appears. 
Be confident being yourself, and watch how positivity blooms in your thoughts. 
Your thoughts shape your attitude toward yourself, your relationships, and your business. 
That impacts the words you use and the conversations you have.
And then the relationships you build will grow your business in a really sexy way because they are filled with all the elements that are true to you.

What’s the most important question to ask in a growing business? 
“Are you positive you want your business to succeed?”
Of course, you’re going to say “YES.” 
But it’s not just about being certain that you want success. 
It’s about bringing positivity into your head space, your workspace, and your team culture. 
Join F.I.R.E Up Groundwork Brigade to practice positivity with like-minded entrepreneurs growing their own relational businesses in a sexy way.
If you missed the conversation between David White & Kim White (they aren't related, but relatable), you can listen to it here. 
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