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3 Reasons Positivity is Crucial For Growing A Relational Business

building self-confidence finding contentment negative self-talk positive thinking relational business Jan 11, 2023
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Some people think that being a positive person has nothing to do with growing a business. You might as well be comparing apples and oranges. 
Others think that positivity is just a nice extra because it makes you more likable, but it’s not crucial.
But the truth is that if your business is relational, and you want it to grow (and keep growing) then positivity can make or break your business.
Here are 3 very practical reasons why positivity is not just a “nice to have,” but a “must have” in a growing business.

Positivity Is Your Personal Preparation

As entrepreneurs, we are like gladiators showing up to a contest in an arena.
When gladiators stepped into the arena, they were prepared for what was coming. They knew it was going to be tough and that they were going to get beaten up a bit. 
And in some ways, it’s the same with entrepreneurship. But are we prepared?
When we meet with clients, run our workshops, host events, manage our finances, plan our marketing, manage our teams (and more) we have to be confident because we know it’s going to be tough! 
We know we’re going to have to put in some effort. Sometimes we’ll have to put in a lot of effort and it might even feel like a gladiator fight.
Negative self-talk is a way we defeat ourselves before we even get to the arena. 
Imagine we did that to ourselves - kicking and beating ourselves up for an hour before actually stepping into that arena. We’re not helping ourselves to win.
What’s the alternative? 
Play that walk-in music and practice your positive thinking. Pump yourself up with what you do know about yourself.
  • The good things you know you are capable of.
  • The experiences you have had in your life so far.
  • The new things you are looking forward to learning
  • Remind yourself that you are ready to deal with surprises and challenges
Show up in that arena with a positive attitude and watch how differently you engage with your clients, teams, and tasks.

Being positive about yourself and others creates a contagious culture

As adults, we have things we have learned that we are “supposed to” fuss about and think negatively about. Have you ever noticed yourself complaining about something you don’t actually feel that strongly about?
It could even be something like the weather, and it goes back to the days of complaining about the lunch lady. Remember that?
Have you ever noticed how you walk away from those kinds of interactions feeling stressed out, insecure, angry, or in a downward spiral?
Just like how drama and negativity are contagious, positivity is just as contagious.
So make a choice about who you spend time with. It will have a huge impact on your personal development, your team culture, and the environment you welcome clients into.
And as you surround yourself with positive people, try taking it one step further. Challenge yourself to also BE that positive person for others. 

Receiving Positivity Builds Relationships

If you find it difficult to accept compliments, stop right here. 
When you have put effort into something and someone acknowledges it, then enjoy that part.  It’s OK to accept the compliment. 
It’s a gift to have positive people around you, who believe in you and can remind you of the positive things you should be telling yourself. 
They’ve taken the time to stop and share something positive and encouraging with you. And that is one of the first steps of relationship building. If your business is relational, then those moments are golden opportunities to grow your business.
So don’t jump straight to deflecting the compliment. Appreciate where that kindness and thoughtfulness came from. 
If you’re not sure what to say, just reply with something short and genuine like,  “Thank you for your kind words”

Positivity can breathe life into your business and help it grow in a way that a huge budget and impressive strategies can’t always do. 
But it isn’t always easy and it doesn’t come as naturally to all of us. 
Remember it takes practice, so start small and be consistent. 
If you missed the conversation between David White & Kim White (they aren't related, but relatable), you can listen to it here. 
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