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We aren't just playing with Sticky Notes over here!

What is Sticky Note Time, huh?

It's a lifestyle really. Kim White needed to find a way to prioritize and accomplish goals. After mixing and matching different steps she crafted the perfect tool for her to make moves in life. 

Each quarter we get our current members together to celebrate their wins. We've opened our doors to YOU to join in on the fun!


Sticky Note Time Panel & Party

Friday, February 2, 6pm CST

Cozy and intimate virtual panel to chat about Sticky Note Time.

  • Hear what is working for our current members and how they are making moves in their lives 
  • Ask YOUR questions about the course and accountability group
  • Learn how you can start making moves toward living out your dream life
  • We'll be celebrating all of our wins for the quarter
  • Hear feedback on how things are going live from the members


We would love to see you there! Save your seat here ⬇

It's about having the life you want. 

It's about having a business you own and that doesn't own you.

It's about telling your calendar what you are doing.


You might be in a season where you can't make it but really want to. Let's stay in touch, join the email list for upcoming events, like this Panel & Party and our Vision Board Party!