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Issue #2 of the My Sexy Business Magazine features articles about:

Rhonda Green, Tomesha Campbell, Tracee Randall, and Dr. Smiley Elmore Jr

plus information about each of the 2020 Hope to Hope Conference guest speakers including:
Kristi Bridges, Esther Inman, Leslie Livingston, Rhonda Green, Sherry Donahue Brown, Erin Garcia, Elena Ledoux, Dr. Smiley Elmore Jr., Deana O'Hara, Kate Dramis, Christie Garcia, Tomesha Campbell, Coni Meyers, Samantha McConnell, Monique Williams, Naomi Jones, Ocielia Sprowl, Roz Knighten-Warfield, Debra Trappen, and Tracee Randall.

It also includes:
Blazing A Trail
Big Beautiful Plans in Small Spaces
Our Love Story - The List
What is a Toastmaster?
A Banished Princess, Why I Quit Worrying About What Others Said About Me
Successful Workshops are SASSY!, How to Create a Workshop that People Love
Book to Business to Empire Series - How to Choose a Publisher
Is There a Glitch in Your System, Tips to Overcome Negative Self - Talk
Collaboration - A Magic Wand for Your Business
Shift Filler or Team Member?
Sweat Matters
Hate to Cook? Need More Time?, Power of Meal Prepping and Mindful Eating
Seasons, People, and Trains
and A Dog's Soothing Love.

This magazine is a hybrid of sorts and is far from perfect. It was created to be authentic and purpose filled. It doesn't have ads so all the pages are full of stories, pictures, graphics and helpful information both for life and business. Our philosophy is based on living a sexy life which is different for everyone. Our goal is to inspire, motivate and encourage you to create a sexy business and a sexy life for yourself!