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Issue #1 of the My Sexy Business Magazine includes articles about: 
Samantha McConnell, Esther Inman, Naomi Jones, Kristi Bridges, Sherry Donahue Brown, Coni Meyers and Dave Albin.

It also includes:
Our Love Story - Finding Love Over 50
Got Hope? How the annual Hope to Hope Conference Started
I Scream, You Scream We All Scream for Ice Cream - Unless We Have Been Fat-Shamed
Travel & Work - Do They Mix? Living Life on the Road in an RV, Mentoring, Coaching
Trust the Process; Clues for Success - From No Job to Multi Million Dollar Company as a Digital Nomad
Is Your Collaboration a Hellcat or a Hooptie? Have You Harnessed the Power of Collab
International Order of Biz Besties
How I Met My Eagle and Got Out of the Chicken Coup - Check Your Chicken Ways to Learn to Live Like An Eagle
Mask - The Price of Admission, The Benefits of Transparency
Who Are They? Understanding Permission
I Will Love You Every Step of The Way - Making Hard Decisions, Mystery of the Chalk
Does the World Think You Have an Ugly Baby? Struggle of New Authors;
Resilience In Difficult Times - Coping During Disasters;
You Want Me to Do What? - Glass Walking, Arrow Breaking, Life Change, Fire Walker
Vision Creates A Life By Design - Choose Your Life Instead of Living by Default
Puppies Can Make Your Life Sexier - How Our Rescue Dogs Found Us
Thriving With Health's Holiday Pup Apple & Pumpkins Treats - Recipe for Healthy Pet Cookies
and more!

This magazine is a hybrid of sorts and is far from perfect. It was created to be authentic and purpose filled. It doesn't have ads so all the pages are full of stories, pictures, graphics and helpful information both for life and business. Our philosophy is based on living a sexy life which is different for everyone. Our goal is to inspire, motivate and encourage you to create a sexy business and a sexy life for yourself!

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