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Episode #46

  • Kim, Kerry & Adam  talked about Better Together in Entrepreneur Land
  • In Princess Speak, Kerry, Kim & Adam  discussed Collaboration Over Competition
  • Denise Millet spotlighted the importance of Balance on your website
  • Jill Olish shared Finding Products That Work For You
  • Donna Bender made & delivered pizza for her segment on National Pizza Day
  • Yvonne Marchese asked Are You Overcomplicating Things?
  • The Freakin' Fabulous Cat Corchado demonstrated an Open Chest Stretch by interlacing your fingers
  • We dove inside the GME Treasure Chest for our Out of the Vault segment. This week we took a look back at Linda Bonney raising Questions for Entrepreneurs as a way to start your conversations
  • From the Virtual Cafe, Kerry Zarb, aka The Money Barista talked about Staying on Track
  • Adam Rothenberg told a Behind The Curtain story about singer/songwriter Jann Arden