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Episode #44

During Friday's episode, we got to celebrate Kim's Birthday 🎂
It's very hard to surprise Kim, but I can't wait for you to see how we pulled this one off!
  • Kerry, Kim & I talked about One Step At A Time in Entrepreneur Land
  • In Princess Speak, Kerry, Kim & I discussed Sticky Note Time
  • Here's what our Roving Reporters covered in this week's show:
    • Linda Bonney discussed Storytelling as a Virtual Experience
    • From the Virtual Cafe, Kerry Zarb, aka The Money Barista talked about keeping a Digital Shoe Box
    • Denise Millet shared insight on how to Be Specific with your Keywords
    • Jill Olish tackled Doing It All or Not
    • Donna Bender discussed Employee Recognition
    • Cat Corchado demonstrated Head, Neck & Shoulder Stretches
    • From Out of the Vault, we reached back into the GME Treasure Chest to revisit Yvonne Marchese talking about Being Visible
    • Adam Rothenberg told a Behind The Curtain story about Douglas Lyons, Actor & Playwright