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Episode #38

  • Kim and Kerry talked about Concentrating on the right thing in Entrepreneur Land
  • In Princess Speak, Kim & Kerry discussed Ruthlessly Focused
  • Here's what our Roving Reporters covered in this week's show:
    • Denise Millet discussed What's Their Goal?
    • From the Virtual Cafe, Kerry Zarb, aka The Money Barista, talked about Location Matters
    • Yvonne Marchese encouraged you to Start with One
    • The Freakin' Fabulous Cat Corchado demonstrated Ways to Relieve Eye Strain and Fatigue
    • Jill Olish provided Hope in Encouraging Words
    • Donna Bender focused on Gratitude
    • Adam Rothenberg told a Behind The Curtain story about interviewing Actor George Krissa (from Hallmark's The Holiday Sitter)