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Episode #29

  • Kim and Kerry talked about Get Going in Entrepreneur Land
  • In Princess Speak, Kim & Kerry discussed the term Ripping Off The Band-Aid
  • Our Roving Reporters segments featured:
    • Yvonne Marchese talked about Imposter Syndrome
    • Holly Totten provided a way to get past Writer's Block
    • Denise Millet explained How Search Chooses Its Results
    • Jill Olish discussed Simple Not Complicated
    • Melissa Stecher gave tips on getting rid of Outdated Items
    • Kerry Zarb talked about Setting A Date With Your Digits
    • The Freakin' Fabulous Cat Corchado demonstrated Hip Flexor Stretches
    • Donna Bender discussed giving Unique Gifts
    • Linda Bonney talked about Story Value
    • Melissa Bottorff-Arey discussed Get To Know The Other Places Your Customers Are Being Served
    • Adam Rothenberg told a Behind The Curtain story about my seeing Pop Singer/Songwriter Debbie Gibson