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Episode #25

  • Kim and Kerry talked about Asking Questions in Entrepreneur Land.
  • In Princess Speak, Kim & Kerry discussed the term/phrase Ask Until You Are Clear.
  • Our Roving Reporters segments featured:
    • Donna Bender talked about Showing Appreciation for your clients
    • In Kerryland, Kerry discussed Creating a Space for your Finances
    • Holly Totten talked about the Questions To Ask Yourself To Stay on Topic
    • Denise Millet showed us how Searching For Yourself Online Can Help You Be More Findable
    • The Freakin' Fabulous Cat Corchado demonstrated some great Stretches For Your Back
    • Yvonne Marchese discussed Making Time for Special Projects
    • Jill Olish talked about Being in a Funk
    • Melissa Bottorff-Arey discussed Leveraging Your Story
    • Adam Rothenberg told a Behind The Curtain story about interviewing actress Sharon Lawrence from NYPD Blue & the Hallmark Movie The Christmas House.