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Your 5-Step Guide To Personal Growth While Dealing With Stressful Situations 

individual responsibility making good choices personal growth personal responsibility self-improvement Dec 21, 2022
Woman shocked with mouth open and hands to her head with text: Your 5-Step Guide To Personal Growth While Dealing With Stressful Situations 
Don’t you hate that moment when you realize you’ve dropped the ball (metaphorically speaking)? Could there possibly be a more stressful situation?
Someone got hurt and you’re responsible
You’ve wasted money. 
You didn’t meet your deadline.
Whatever it looks like, the bottom line is that you know you messed up. 
And it may not have been intentional, but you know it’s time to take some personal responsibility and face up to the consequences. 
If that isn’t hard enough, part of personal growth is figuring out how to do better next time. 
And let’s be honest, it’s easy to ignore doing that. 
When you are flung into a stressful situation, it’s easy to skip the very important process of self-improvement as you race through dealing with the consequences so that you can get back to “normal” as quickly as possible. 
Self-improvement requires being intentional. You need a plan before that stressful situation comes up.
So write down these 5 steps in the front of your diary or on your vision board to guide you out of the panic and into personal growth.

1. Slow Down

Stop for a minute and breathe. Look up at your vision board or in your diary at these 5 steps and prepare yourself for the process. 
When our emotions escalate, things feel bigger than they really are. And in those “melty moments,” it is really easy to speed up. 
Personal growth very seldom comes from speeding up. 
Most people aren’t prepared to slow down because it’s embarrassing to be human. But you will avoid a whole lot of consequences if you just slow down. 

2. Avoid making any big decisions

It’s during stressful times that we tend to make hasty decisions and begin to give in to things like retail therapy, comfort eating, or Netflix bingeing. 
It could even be tempting to make a huge commitment, like buying a car with hefty monthly installments. Or you might convince yourself to tap out of some commitments, like quitting your job or ending a relationship. 
There are times in life when we should NOT be making big decisions.
After going through a stressful situation, you need to give your physical bandwidth, mental bandwidth, and human bandwidth a break. 
Self-improvement usually starts small and growth happens with consistency so give yourself some time to figure things out 

3. Speak to your people

The best thing you can do is to surround yourself with your people. 
This is a group of people who love you and want the best for you. 
They know you really well and are aware of your circumstances. 
They can sometimes see things in your life that you can’t.
They will tell you the truth and hold you accountable.
They will remind you to do steps 1 and 2 - slow down and avoid making major decisions.
Resist the temptation to try to “figure it all out” on your own. 
Yes, you will need to do some personal reflection, but let your people join you on this personal growth journey. 

4. Figure out your “why”

This is the hardest step in the process - reflecting on how you got here in the first place.
Not many people stop to ask themselves, “What got me here? What stopped me from doing the right thing? What was my goal at that moment? What’s really at the root of this state I’m in? What’s at the root of these emotions?”
You need to take the personal responsibility here to dig deep and learn a little bit about yourself so that you can be better and live better and change that behavior because now you know your why.

5. Be proactive

There are some things we can’t prevent. But there are some things we can do. 
Be proactive so that you don’t fall back into the same bad choices when going forward.
Maybe you need to adjust your schedule.
You might need to intentionally stop certain habits and include others.
Whatever you are proactively doing, remember to include your people so they can continue to encourage you and hold you accountable.
And give yourself permission to be KIND to yourself in this process of self-improvement.
Nobody likes stressful situations, but they can help us grow if we are intentional about how we navigate them.
We’re human and we all make mistakes. It’s part of life. It’s OK to “let your human hang out,” but don’t let it be an excuse to be irresponsible, reckless, or to treat people badly. 
Take your plan, follow these 5 steps and be ready for the next situation, whatever that may be.
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