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Words That Will Make or Break Your Sexy Business

Mar 08, 2021

Words That Will Make or Break Your Sexy Business

Did you know that you have an enemy to building your sexy business and it’s not who you think it is! 

In the My Sexy Business podcast, we are working through the 100 principles for building a sexy business for a sexy life and a theme that keeps coming up is alignment.

For a business to be sexy, everything needs to be aligned with your goals. We’ve looked at attitudes, habits and now we are looking at another factor. One that is so close to us, that it may be difficult to even notice its influence. 

It has the power to make or break a sexy business! But the good news is that this powerful factor doesn’t have to be an enemy if you know how to manage it.

Your Words are Powerful

Entrepreneurs know that they need to be listening to and learning from wiser, experienced mentors. Maybe you listen to podcasts and read blogs from the experts. You know that their words can motivate you and help you as you work hard to build a sexy business.

What you may not realize is that your own words are just as powerful. When you say things, the person that is listening the most is you! And when you hear your own words, your whole being accepts, believes, and internalizes those words - good or bad - true or false. 

Your Words Can Be Dangerous

Imagine you get given the task of digging a really deep hole. You grab that shovel and start digging through the earth - one shovel after another. You are feeling good! But wait, you look behind you and for every shovel of earth you dig out, another one gets thrown back in! 

You would become SO FRUSTRATED. You would realize that all your work and effort is pointless. And rightly so. The obvious next step is to give up.  To be honest, I would give up!

It’s the same for entrepreneurs. You are working so hard in the trenches of your business. You’re building your sexy business and your sexy life one shovel at a time. But when you say things that are contrary to what you want, you are “refilling your hole with sand.” 

Despite all your hard work and doing all the right things. 
Despite the investments, networking, and training. 
Despite your goal setting and planning. 
With the words you use, you could actually talk yourself out of a sexy business and watch your dreams for a sexy life unravel before your very eyes.

The words you use can become the enemy within the walls of your business! 

Using Your Words Wisely

Bambi’s friend Thumper had the right advice, 
“If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.”

We all know that in the movie, this adorable rabbit is teaching Bambi a huge life lesson about relationships that applies to us humans too! But what that little rabbit didn’t know is that his advice is relevant for building a sexy business as well! 

This principle applies to how you talk to other people BUT how much more true is it about how we speak to ourselves? If negative talk is the biggest enemy to your sexy business, then it’s actually better to say NOTHING than to say something negative. 

How to Watch Your Words

So the practical challenge for any entrepreneur is to figure out what you are saying with your mouth that is contrary to what you are wanting in your business.

Some of the main danger words to watch out for are: 

  • Can’t 
  • Shouldn’t 
  • But 

But they can include any negative words or phrases that force you to shut down and stop your momentum.

Step 1: Start a note on your phone or keep a paper and pen on you at all times.
Step 2: Write down when you say something negative. Identify it and be aware of how it is contrary to your sexy business goals.
Step 3: Replace it with words that work towards your goal.

For example, there may be a helpful course you want to take. You know it will help you in your business, but it comes with quite a large price tag. So before you realize it, you say, 

“I can’t afford it.” 

Take out your paper, write it down. Those words are contrary to your goal because they force you to stop and lose momentum. It might be true that you don’t have the money right now, but can you replace those words with others that will work towards achieving your goal?

“I’m not sure how I’m going to afford it, but I’m going to figure it out.”

Now you are using words that are working towards your goal of building your sexy business! 


On the My Sexy Business Facebook Page, I discuss this a lot more and I am always talking about other ways to shift your mindset, aligning everything you’re doing to achieve your goals. As entrepreneurs, we need to learn to control the words we use and the direction they steer our businesses in.

If you want a sexy business and a sexy life then you are going to have to watch your mouth. You have to watch the words you use because those are the words you internalize and believe. They set the course of your business and can either be your worst enemy or your biggest tool for success!