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Jan 04, 2021

What is soft selling (and how to use it in business)

What is soft selling you ask? Soft selling is a SEXY way of selling something. 
I am sure you have come into contact with that sleazy salesman that makes you cringe and want to run away because they are always selling you something and convincing you that you need to buy whatever it is they are selling because they just need to make a sale. This is what soft selling is NOT. 
What soft selling IS? Soft selling is giving value and leading with serving which in turn leads to people buying what you have to offer because you have proven that you care about what they need. 
This may sound crazy to you but I have turned down money for classes and service because it just wasn’t a good fit. I don’t want you to buy something from me if it’s not going to enrich your life and if it‘s not good for you. If it’s not a win-win situation and I have to exploit you in some way, it’s not a sexy business, it's not a good way to build a business and it’s not soft selling. 
Do you want people to see you coming and RUN? Eventually, you are going to run out of people to exploit and you are going to get a reputation as a SLEAZY SALESMAN. 
I do understand that business is about making a PROFIT and about making money. So, when I say soft selling is a sexy way to do business you must know that we are going to make money, we are going to have transactions but it’s all going to be wrapped inside of relationships. 
If I can benefit you and bless you and give you value that’s going to help you in business and in life then I shouldn’t be ashamed to share the cost. We should be proud of what we sell and the service that we offer because we know it is changing lives. 
Soft selling involves loving people. If you want to be in business just to be cold-hearted and you think that that’s the only way to make money, I’m going to challenge you to do some more work on yourself because that is not the right mindset. 
People want relationships. People want to know that you care about what’s going on with them. It doesn’t mean 3-hour conversations to make a $10 sale but it does mean making a sale, giving value and enriching people’s lives. 
Soft selling is TALKING about what you are selling without just trying to SELL it. For example, I want to talk about the things I do. I have lots of Collaboration classes, but I don’t want to talk about those classes in a way of “Hey you, you NEED to buy this” because people will run.
Talk about the Collaboration class and get them curious about what it is you are talking about. Do not tell them to buy the class but rather give them more information because what if it’s not right for them, what if it’s not something that they need? 
Avoid generic statements like “Everybody needs this.” Although I do believe that everybody needs the class because it’s got magical components to it and I haven’t found another method that works as well as Collaboration does, I’m not going to sell the class in this way. That is not soft selling. 
Soft selling is “Hey, look at these RESULTS” and “Look at this TESTIMONIAL”. You want to go beneath the “Hey, I want you to buy this”. Do I want you to buy my Collaboration class? Absolutely! But I don’t want you to buy it if it doesn’t help you and if it Is not 100 % for you. 
Soft selling is having the best interest of whoever you are talking to, whether it be on social media or in person. Soon you will be getting a reputation for caring and that is sexy in business and life. 
When people enter into your sales funnel when they purchase something you are selling. and they get a win out of it, you don’t need to be doing sleazy selling to get them to buy something else from you, they will be signing up for everything you do because you have proven yourself to them and you’ve proven that they get wins out of it. 
Soft selling is about the client and not about the sale and therefore a soft sell is a better sell than any other sell. 
Soft selling is sexy because it allows you to make connections, you can do collaborations that help both you and the client sell things and what is sexier than that?
Sleazy selling is not something that you will find on my platform as it is not something that I stand for. 
Simple is sexy and therefore simple sells. Soft selling means being generous in conversation, leading with serving and being sexy while doing it.
 So, are you a soft seller?