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What is a Sexy Business? (And Why You Should Want One!)

Dec 05, 2020

 What life do you daydream about while you’re switching your laptop on first thing in the morning? What makes your heart soar while you’re watching that minute hand tick up to 5pm on a Friday? That is a sexy life. 

Imagine that sexy life was where you lived Monday through Sunday. That’s just fantasy talk, right? We all know why we can’t live our dreams. We need money, so we need jobs. Jobs have bosses. And bosses make the rules. 

I was there, running what I now call an “Ugly Business.” Sure, it was making me money. So technically it was doing great! It checked all the boxes and I was the boss! But I still didn’t have a life. I had to make that business my life to take care of it, and I was miserable. It was the opposite of a sexy business and a sexy life.

So is there no hope then? Is that it? Living your dream is just for celebrities or trust-fund-kids? 100% Absolutely Definitely Not! 

Today, I have a completely different life from when I had an ugly business. An incredible life. A really truly sexy life! The life I always dreamed of having. I am the founder and team leader of the My Sexy Business Team, and the international conference Hope to Hope. I love the work I do, but I also love the sexy life that I live. 

I got here the long (hard) way. I had to first create an ugly business. I had to get to a point of burnout and depression to stop it all. Then I had to start from scratch and build a new business...a sexy business… drawing from all the life lessons I’d learned along the way. 

And I don’t want it to be hard for you. Life is tough enough. 

“We’re here to help you create a sexy business for a sexy life”

And honestly, it wasn’t smooth sailing for me. I had challenges. Maybe you think your challenges are too big of a roadblock. 

Well, I’ve been homeless with 2 little boys. And I’ve had a lot of circumstances that other people would describe as “failures.” But I’ve understood that those weren’t failures. They were a type of lesson or course correction where I learned that I needed to do things differently.

So the only real difference between me and you right now is that now I know how to create a Sexy Business and a Sexy Life, and I would absolutely love to help you get there with the My Sexy Business Podcast. 

What do I mean by “Sexy?”

It may be strange to hear a good business being described as “sexy.” But this is the BEST word there is. 

Sexy means Attractive and Confident. In other words: someone who is “sexy” is a person who knows what they’re talking about, they’re confident about what they’re doing, and other people recognize that! 

What is a Sexy life? 

A Sexy Life is a life of FREEDOM. You get to set the priorities. The things you want out of life come first, not your job. Is that even possible? 100% Yes it is!

So stop and take a moment to think about what your sexy life is! Your best life. Is it to lie on the beach every day during the summer? Brilliant! So the next question to ask is... “What is a business that can support that?”

It’s totally backwards thinking to how most people go about setting up their lives. But it is genius and you have to check out the next podcast for more about what a really SEXY LIFE is. 

What is a Sexy Business not?

I have been there, in the Ugly Business zone, so I have to be very clear about what we are trying to avoid. Even though it may make money and seem successful, an Ugly Business will never give you a sexy life.

An UGLY BUSINESS owns you. Your life and schedule are dictated by your job. 

Desperate marketing is a common characteristic of an UGLY BUSINESS. We’ve all seen, experienced or maybe even been “those people.” The people who are all about the sale, and it’s so obvious. They have bills due and you just represent the money that will pay those bills for them. 

In an UGLY BUSINESS, you are constantly finding new customers because your old customers don’t want to do business with you anymore.

When you’re running an UGLY BUSINESS, you are forced to fit your life in the schedule that your ugly business gives you. But I’ve been there, there is honestly no time for a real life in that schedule, never mind a sexy life!

What is a Sexy Business?

So here we go! The gold nugget secret to a sexy life. So what do we mean by a Sexy Business? Here are the basics and we are going to get into all the juicy details on our podcast so be sure to subscribe here to never miss an episode! 

  • In a SEXY BUSINESS, customers are chasing you. 
  • A SEXY BUSINESS is relational.
  • A SEXY BUSINESS is profitable.
  • 3 Keywords of a SEXY BUSINESS are Scalable, Duplicatable, and Delegatable. Because the goal of a SEXY BUSINESS is to get a process or system in place as soon as possible, so that your business can run smoothly while you are living your sexy life!

You can do this.
You don’t have to let your work schedule rule your life.

Take any excuses still bouncing around in your head. Put them on a piece of paper. And then throw them away. Because anyone can have a sexy business if you’re willing to do what it takes to have one. 

And anyone can have a sexy life, if you will do the things you need to do to have a sexy business.

That is what My Sexy Business podcast is all about. I am here to help you enjoy your truly sexy life by building your own sexy business! 

So buckle up everybody! I am here to give you some mind-blowing ideas, business principles, and even some practical ideas that you may not have thought of or applied yet.