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Top 3 reasons to limit that "expert advice" for your sexy business

Jul 26, 2021

Top 3 reasons to limit that "expert advice" for your sexy business

Does your business ever make you feel anxious and overwhelmed? Maybe you feel like you have too many ideas to implement while you’re moving at lightning speed. Maybe you feel like you’re taking big leaps and risks, but deep down you’re doubting if these risks really are the best thing for your business. 
But you tell yourself “This is what the experts say,” and you push on. 
But the anxiety continues. The chaos continues. You’re overwhelmed and you eventually get stuck.
Could you be getting too much good advice? 
These days entrepreneurs don’t want to waste time. You want to learn from the experts. You want to listen to advice. You want the best strategy to move forward as quickly as possible.
 And so to avoid “reinventing the wheel,” you go to the experts for advice - whether it’s through a mentorship program, reading their books, following their podcasts or subscribing to their weekly emails
But in this age of information, it’s too easy to go to the far end of the Expert Advice spectrum. And if you have, then you may be suffering from Expert Overwhelm.

What is Expert Overwhelm?

Expert Overwhelm happens when you listen to the advice of too many experts. 
Expert advice is VITAL for a sexy, beautiful business - But too much can be detrimental. 
Studies have shown that innovation thrives when experts make up no more than 40% of a team. Any more and your company and its employees will begin to feel overwhelmed and confused, any less and the company will lack innovation and necessary knowledge. 
Here is the problem with TOO MANY EXPERTS:

Most experts don’t even agree

Two experts, specializing in the same field, focusing on the same topic may come to different conclusions. Or they may have different approaches based on their personality type or circumstances. 
In an effort to make sure you have all the latest information and methods, you may end up following the advice of multiple experts believing that this will lead to a successful, sexy and beautiful business but have you considered whether this approach is effective?
When you try to implement what one certain coach suggests, and then later switch to something completely different, your business plans can’t move forward properly. 
It may seem super-efficient to adopt different strategies all at the same time, but it will just leave you feeling very confused and overwhelmed. And your business will get stuck.
Expert overwhelm is not a pretty picture. It is a crazy picture of chaos. Especially when the experts don't agree. So keep your expert circle intimate.  

Your expert may not be an expert at all

So many individuals claim to be experts in their field. These days there are so many voices and opinions, that we lose sight of who the true experts are.  
Not everybody is who they say they are. And a lot of people claim to be experts but know little more than we do.
Do not let a fake expert dictate how you run your business, make decisions and set priorities.  
Make sure that the experts you are listening to are leading you from a place of experience and not just telling you something that they have heard. 

Too many experts can cause you to doubt yourself

With too many expert opinions, it’s easy to feel inadequate and sometimes even paralyzed to make decisions of your own.
Expert overwhelm can leave you doubting yourself, your business and your employees.   
Have you heard the saying ‘ Too many cooks spoil the broth’? The same applies to experts. 
And the sad irony is that too much expert advice can actually spoil what would have been an amazing project to begin with. 
So, should you forget the experts and just go your own way? Of course not! Seeking expert advice is sexy and beautiful, but only when done in the right way. 
Choose a handful of experts who you trust and respect. 
Choose experts who are on par with your brand.
Follow your gut. 
You are one sexy business owner and you are more than capable of creating a sexy business and sexy life.
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