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The 2 Biggest Fears Holding You Back From Starting A New Business

Aug 15, 2022

The 2 Biggest Fears Holding You Back From  Starting A New Business

When we start a business (or a new project within an already thriving business) it’s too easy to put our focus on the wrong things. And we jump straight into launching our new project with our focus on how we look to other people.
We want people to look at us and our businesses as if we’re pulling up on that really fancy motorcycle. We want people to be impressed by the size, the sound, the power, and how great we look on it. 
But the reality is that starting something new in our business is going to look less like a grand entrance on a motorcycle and a lot more like getting onto a tricycle for the first time.

Getting Back To The Business Basics

We need to rewind a little bit (or a long way back for some) to kindergarten days and remember the shaky feeling we had upgrading from a push bike to a tricycle. 
Yes, it has training wheels, but the tires are thinner and it takes practice to get that balance right. We felt nervous and worried we might fall. Maybe we even wanted our parents close by just in case. 
The irony is, that it doesn’t take too long to master the tricycle. And it really isn’t easy to fall off. The fear is bigger than the actual threat. 
But if you don’t take that time to master the tricycle, then you are far more likely to fall off when you upgrade to a bicycle or even a motorcycle.
So what scares you about getting back onto the tricycle in your business? What scares you about taking a risk and starting something new? 

Business Basics - Fear #1

Are you embarrassed to be on the tricycle? 
This might be true for you if you’ve already had success in business and now you’re starting out on a new venture. 
You’re used to riding the motorcycle in your other business and it really is hard work to get onto that tricycle again. 
But don’t be afraid to learn. Don’t be afraid to be a kindergartener because that’s where you are.
And when you embrace that you’re at a kindergarten level, and when you’re OK to start with the basics, it will take you almost no time at all to master that new skill.   

Business Basics - Fear #2

Are you truly afraid of falling off the tricycle? 
This might be the fear lurking in your mind if you are starting your first business.  
There is so much pressure to succeed and maybe you think you have to get it right straight out of the gate. 
It’s tempting to think that falling off the bicycle means failure, and the end of your business altogether. 
The truth is that you don’t need to get it right the first time. It is 100% OK if you do fall off a few times, make a few mistakes and learn the lessons that come with those experiences. 
They will only make you wiser, and more confident in your next attempts. 
So don’t be afraid to get onto the tricycle in your business. 
Don’t be afraid to learn something new. 
Our fears are enough to keep most entrepreneurs on the sidelines, never taking risks or being adventurous. 
But when we look around too much and let our fears determine the steps we take to grow our business, it can only work against us. 
Because the grand motorcycle entrance isn’t necessarily the most impressive.
It isn’t impressive to pretend to be an expert when you haven’t got all the experience.
It’s impressive when you show those around you that you are teachable and are always open to learning new things. 
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