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Sticky Note Time Silly Title with Serious Results

entrepreneur increased productivity maximize hours needle moving process to-do list Dec 19, 2022

Silly Title with Serious Results

You may be thinking 'Sticky Note Time', what in the silliness is that? Stick with me friends as we answer that with a couple questions. Have you ever reached the end of the week with a full to-do-list? Or run out of hours in the day without the satisfaction of accomplishments? How about the feeling of knowing things need done but not sure where and how to start? The answers are findable within Sticky Note Time. The title may be princess silly, but the result are serious successes.

Entrepreneur's To-Do Lists

Entrepreneur life comes with a seemingly endless number of things that need to get done. Technology, marketing, project management, budgeting whatever may come your way assigning time for each to-do is a learned ability with this process. Getting stuff done today, next week or even later can simplify the day-to-day grind of getting things completed.

Scheduling time for Stickies

Part of the Sticky Note Time process is the step of assigning your time. As business owners we often reach the end of our ideal ‘work week’ and seem to have lost time over the days. The intention of dedicating hours to this project or that task can get blurred without dedicated blocks of time setup to accomplish tasks. Listen here for tips about calendar boundaries.

Implementing for Productivity

Implementing this process can get the productivity needle moving on day-to-day tasks and multiple step projects. Sometimes we want to write a book or start a podcast but those aren’t one step and done items. Using the sticky note process helps us break down bigger projects into manageable tasks. We can arrange our days to keep the needle moving forward without being overwhelmed with the projects.
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