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Staying in your lane

Dec 05, 2020

Staying in your lane is about, as the book “Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks would say, staying in your zone of genius. Whatever it is that your business is about, it's about sticking with the details most directly related and delegating everything else.

Staying in your lane, with so many distractions, can be tough BUT it doesn’t have to be. I’m going to share my secrets of how to stay out of the ditches and in your lane. 

Staying in your lane means staying on track. You need to look at your parameters, your goals, the things you want to accomplish and use them as side bumpers or the lines along the side of the road. 

This will help you when an opportunity presents itself because TONS of opportunities will present themselves. With these side bumpers, you can very quickly determine and have an answer to whether you are staying in your lane to accomplish what you need to accomplish. 

So you may be asking what EXACTLY does staying in your lane look like? Well, I’m going to tell you. Staying in your lane is about, as the ‘Big Leap” book would say, staying in your zone of genius. Whatever it is that your business is about, it's about staying in that zone. 

Staying in your lane is NOT about getting into the ditches or trying to be everything for everyone. It’s NOT about doing anything incongruent to your goals for your family, your life, and your business. 

We complicate it because we get too busy and we don’t want to sit down and present the question of what our goals are and what it means to us to stay in OUR lanes. 

When you are asked to do something, maybe it’s baking a cake or running a conference, look at your goals. When looking at your goals, without emotions, and taking into consideration the season in which you are in, ask yourself: Is this going to get me closer to my goal, or keep me from my goal? This will help you make decisions very quickly and easily. 

Right away you will find out that it is actually pretty simple. If you are asked to do something, your first response should be something like “let me check my calendar and get back to you.” Give yourself a buffer. 

Don’t fall into FOMO (fear of missing out), but also make sure that you aren’t missing out on your actual goals because you are saying yes to something you should actually be saying no to. Make sure that you are making choices that are congruent with your goals and that you are saying YES to the exact thing that is getting you closer to your goals.  

Staying in your lane means doing that which you are BEST at and delegating the rest to others. If you aren’t good at admin, give the task to someone who is and don’t micromanage them. Focus on what YOU are good at. 

Staying in your lane means putting your energy into your niche. That means you can’t be teaching someone something you don’t know or aren’t good at. That's not staying in your lane. Get someone else to do it or master it and then teach it. 

Focus on staying in your lane when you get up in the morning, when you make decisions, and when you check your goals and priorities. Make sure your goals and priorities are congruent with what you are saying YES to. If it isn’t, make it a NO. 

The clearer you get, the easier it is to stay in your lane. 

Being in your lane feels like being on a road that is paved. When you get off that paved road, all of a sudden you are driving in mud. You are struggling with everything you are meant to be doing and you just don’t have time to do it.  You have gone off into a ditch. 

I challenge you to refocus and think about your goals and priorities once again and get yourself, your vehicle, back in your lane, and back on track.

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