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You have to be careful which reel you are playing over, and over, and over.

Jun 01, 2021
Is Your Blooper Reel Looping?

You have to be careful which reel you are playing over, and over, and over.

Bloopers. We all love staying till the end of the movie to watch the blooper reel roll out. Who doesn’t love a good laugh?

Blooper Reel vs Highlight Reel

In business, you also get bloopers reels, but these reels are not so funny. And they definitely are not sexy. 

Over time, we collect the memories of our bad business decisions and voices of people who told us we’re not good enough or that we weren’t going to make it. Then we add our mistakes, and insecurities and put them all together into a reel. The Blooper Reel. 

We also all have a highlight reel. A reel filled with proud moments, big and small accomplishments and awe-inspiring times. This is a great reel to have but believe it or not, purely focusing on your highlight reel can turn out to be not so sexy.  

Looping Damage

Don’t be fooled. Everybody has a blooper reel. The problem isn’t having one, the problem is letting it loop. It’s dangerous when all we do is focus on it. 

The tempting solution to the looping blooper reel is going to the other extreme and focusing only on your highlight reel - focusing on all your success. Thinking about what you’ve achieved, your strengths, and the compliments you’ve been given.

But that leads to another - there’s no room to acknowledge mistakes, or to accept your shortcomings. And that means there is never room for genuine self-improvement and growth in your business. 

Allowing either reel to loop continuously causes looping damage. A looping blooper reel creates a false insecurity. And a looping highlight reel, creates a false confidence. And neither of those are characteristics of a sexy business. 

Oscar-Winning Confidence

The Sexy Business characteristic that busts you out of that looping damage is this: genuine confidence

Confidence in you.
Confidence in what your business offers. 
Confidence in knowing your role within your business. 
Confidence in knowing who your business serves.  

False Confidence and False Insecurity are going to kill your credibility in business. But genuine confidence - sexy confidence - always wins the Credibility Award. You want credibility. Credibility is a magnet to clients and it feeds right straight back into building genuine confidence in you. It’s the only kind of loop you want to be on. 

Get Your Perfect Rotten Tomatoes Score

Hardly anyone watches a movie these days without first reading the review on somewhere like Rotten Tomatoes . And in business, reviews are so important too - for future clients to learn about you, but also for you to grow in confidence as you confront both the successful & weaker parts of your business.

A sexy kind of confidence always leaves evidence. So don’t be shy to ask your clients to rate and review you so you can improve on how you’re serving and what you’re offering. How can you improve if you never get feedback? Reviews help you stay connected and accountable. 

And then use that evidence to keep you on that Loop of Genuine Confidence. As human beings, we tend to forget our worth and become overwhelmed very quickly. We need evidence that we can see, that reminds us of our achievements and worthiness. Put up sticky notes stuck around the house. Or update your Vision Board. Make it visible.  

No Movie is a One-Woman Show

Collaboration is one of the sexiest ways to stay accountable.

Collaboration is having someone to be accountable to that can call you out when your blooper reel is looping and your highlight reel isn’t getting the attention it needs. Or when you’re obsessing about the highlight reel in an unhealthy way.

Collaboration is a key component of a sexy business. It keeps you and your team accountable. And the My Sexy Business Team is obsessed with collaboration.


  1. It keeps me from looping my blooper reel.
  2. It helps me remember and focus on our mission.
  3. It keeps me confident in the business, confident in myself and confident in what we are offering.

So press pause for a moment. Zoom out on that Blooper Reel or Highlight Reel, whichever one is looping in your business. 

And when you’re ready to hit play on your own Sexy Business Blockbuster check out our Mastermind Course where collaboration and accountability set the stage for building a sexy business and a sexy life.