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How to be grateful in business and in life

Mar 29, 2021

How to be grateful in business and in life

Gratefulness. A word that’s often overused and taken out of context. Be grateful, be grateful, be grateful. Although it’s overused, it’s not overrated. Being grateful is a  wonderful and wise thing to be, in fact being grateful is sexy. 

Being grateful is an attitude. It’s a sexy attitude. It’s knowing that sometimes things aren’t going to go your way and when they don’t, realising that there is a lesson to be learnt. Being grateful means taking the opportunity to see how you can do things differently and better yourself and your character. 

Being grateful for the bad things in life is hard. Forgiving someone and being grateful that you learnt a lesson, that’s a pattern, a behaviour, a choice and an attitude. It's sexy and it’s beautiful. 

Being grateful for the good things in your life is sexy. We should be grateful. We should be grateful for the people that are in our lives, that are dream breathing with us, that are on the journey with us and that are our family and friends. 

However, sometimes in life, there are going to be people that are difficult to be grateful for. Challenge yourself and find at least one thing in that person that you can be grateful for and focus on that. 

Every time you come to a situation that seems contrary to where you are going, look at it and take the emotion out of it for one second and think about how you can be grateful. Being grateful is a tool that changes us in a way that only gratefulness can, it makes us sexy and beautiful. 

If we are the victim of everything, we are never going to achieve success. Certainly not on the inside. If we learn to be grateful in all circumstances, no matter what is going on, that is sexy and that is beautiful. 

Don’t misunderstand what I am saying. Don’t stay somewhere where you are not treated right. Don’t do that. However, still, be grateful for the lessons you learnt while you were there. Maybe you learnt to set up new boundaries, let someone know how you don’t want to be treated or maybe you realised that you want to do life and business in a different, sexy way. Being grateful for the lessons and the learning process is amazing and empowering. 

I challenge you today to think of a situation that is rough and difficult for you and find a way to be grateful for that situation and to change it if it needs to be changed.

Always remember to keep a grateful attitude. It is a sexy business and life principle.