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audio app community conversations entrepreneur marketing social media Dec 26, 2022

Marketing Struggles

One of the biggest struggles an entrepreneur can face is marketing. The struggle bus is full of questions like ‘Should I have a private group?’ ‘Do reels really increase reach?’ ‘Is there a perfect blend to sharing personal and business posts?’ Navigating those struggles alone can be difficult but with the right community of supporters, business feels more doable!

Social Distancing to Socially Connecting

Social distancing brought social media to the front for a lot of business owners. Implementing a shift from in-person connections to virtual conversations is one of the major impacts social media has had in just the last couple of years.

Morning Meetings

Every morning you’ll find Kim leading conversation on Clubhouse. The audio app creates a space to hold rooms with inspiring topics, connect with like-minded individuals, and build a community of entrepreneurs growing and going together! We all know that one of Kim’s favorite things is collaboration and finding your right people can be as simple as roaming the hallways and popping into the room on Clubhouse.


We can’t be all the places all the time or know all the things about everything, but we can build a community to connect with. Updates keep coming through the app with more and more opportunities to learn from our peers without the scary part of speaking out loud. Chat and message features are also available to be part of the conversation until you’ve found right fit community and are ready to raise your hand and join the stage. It’s not all about business though, Clubhouse gives us the space to be humans together with a note of humor when someone talks on mute.


Join the conversation, bring your questions, or just listen from the audience as the community discusses a variety of topics like publishing, time and space management, marketing, messaging, keywords, websites, communication, business, budgeting and beautiful messiness.
To connect and find out more about Kim or how to create a sexy business for a sexy life, you can reach her and the My Sexy Business Team at