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5 Important Things You Need to Know Before Writing and Publishing Your Book

Nov 08, 2022
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5 Important Things You Need to Know Before Writing and Publishing Your Book

The process of successfully writing, publishing, marketing and selling a book is serious entrepreneurial business. But you need to know that YOU CAN DO IT! 
You can write and publish your book! 
You can do it all! You can form the concrete sentences and paragraphs that make up chapters, select a stand-out title and create the stunning cover art. Nothing is out of your reach. 
But before you begin, remember these 5 things: 

1. You need to know your WHY

What is your motivation? When you know WHY you want to write and publish a book, the content of your book will come to you a lot easier. 
There are a few reasons you may want to write and publish:
  1. To overcome - There has perhaps been opposition and obstacles put in your way, and you feel that you need to write about it to overcome it. These obstacles and the need to overcome them will drive your content and keep you motivated. 
  2. To achieve - Maybe you have always dreamed of writing your book, and it’s been a life-long goal. This passion and determination will drive your content. 
  3. To create - Some writers get their chief satisfaction from the process of writing. They spend months, if not years, perfecting their end product, and that’s all it takes to drive their content and keep themselves motivated. 
  4. To inspire - Writers with this motivation want to leave their mark. They are focused on inspiring change. They get their greatest satisfaction by seeing the impact that they have on those around them, and this is what spurs them on. 
  5. To educate - Many writers wish to educate their audience. They have the knowledge and the experience and they desire to share that with others. This is what drives and motivates their content. 

2. You need to know that before writing and publishing a book there is a creative process that needs to happen

Writers with millions of YouTube fans can release their books at practically any time because demand for such work will likely already be very high. One announcement can start the process. 
Not everyone publishing their first-time book will have this degree of stardom. Aspiring writers need to actively build their creative brand on all their various social media platforms. 
They need to be working behind the scenes long before their publication date. Posting blogs, podcasts and Facebook and Instagram posts should be a regular practice. 
When it comes to publishing their book, they have created a name for themselves and can use these same platforms to market their book. 

3. You need to know that repurposing content is an absolute MUST

Think about it, when it finally comes to writing your book, you already have the content you’ve been working on for many months or years when building your brand. 
Repurpose this content. Take Your podcasts, your social media posts, your blogs etc and form them into concrete sentences and paragraphs to make up chapters of a book. 
Don’t feel like you need to start from scratch. Look around you and be inspired by all that you have already created and use all that to finally write and publish your book

4. You need to know that you are extraordinary and your story matters 

Your ordinary might be someone else’s extraordinary.
A skill that comes naturally to you, someone else may struggle with. There is a great opportunity there for you to write a “How-To” Book. 
Don’t underestimate the power of your story. You may think it’s ordinary, but others may benefit from it, feel inspired by it or learn something valuable from it. 

5. You need to know that it’s okay to write without applying all the rules

There is no specific software you have to use when writing a book. 
Use whatever you are used to, whether it be Google Docs, Word or even pen and paper. Just write and forget the rules. 
It’s important to get your story out there. And if the stress of all the specifics is going to stop you, forget the specifics and focus on writing in a way that makes you feel most comfortable. 
Leave it up to your editor to handle the specifics. Allow them do what they do best so that you can do what you do best - WRITE and publish your story. 
Can you see that writing and publishing your book IS possible?
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