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4 Ways to Effectively Give Feedback in Business

avoid being a self-acclaimed critic avoid giving criticism in business effective feedback is vital for the growth and success of your business how to effectively give feedback in business how to give quality feedback Jan 04, 2023
Hands holding phones up with emoji faces showing different emotions and colored screens, 4 Ways to Effectively Give Feedback in Business
Giving effective feedback is an art.
It's important to focus on giving effective feedback and to avoid giving criticism. 
What’s the difference? 
  • Criticism focuses on what you don't want, while feedback focuses on what you want. 
  • Criticism focuses on the past while feedback focuses on the future. 
  • Criticism deflates while feedback inspires. 
Feedback is vital for the growth and success of any business. Giving feedback effectively can greatly benefit your business. 
Let’s look at 4 ways that you can give effective feedback in your next team meeting. 

Give the facts, avoid the fluffy (be specific)

Ensure that your feedback is solution-centered, clear and to the point. Avoid fluffy feedback, which only confuses and frustrates the receiver.
For example, “You need to improve your work.” This kind of general corrective feedback can be confusing and leave the receiver feeling discouraged and unmotivated. 
Instead, give specific feedback such as, “I noticed you are struggling with meeting deadlines on time. Let’s have a look at your time management skills and see whether you are dedicating too much time to certain tasks.” 

Giving feedback is a 2-way street 

A feedback session is not a time to lecture. It should be a conversation where both parties have permission to speak and listen to one another. 
Remember that respect is of the utmost importance when giving feedback. Allow the receiver to respond to your feedback, clear up any misunderstandings and ask follow-up questions. 
Feedback is a priceless gift to be appreciated and respected by both parties.

Timing is everything when giving effective feedback 

Apply the ‘Red Carpet Test” when giving any kind of feedback. 
Make sure that your feedback is given before the big red carpet event, in an attempt to get them red carpet ready and not at the event, when it’s already too late and the only effect your feedback is going to have is making the receiver feel self-conscious. 
Before giving feedback, ask yourself, is this going to be beneficial at this exact moment? If the answer is no, don’t give feedback at that time. 

Give quality feedback or no feedback at all

There are too many self-acclaimed critics out there today. People who think they have the right to tell others what to do and how to live.  We all might need to check ourselves and take the “Armchair Quarterback Test”. 
The “Armchair Quarterback Test” is simple. Think of all those people who become football experts on Saturday afternoons while watching the game from the comfort of their recliners. 
They are so quick to make remarks, commenting on the players' useless tackles and slow runs when they have little to no experience on the field themselves. 
Don’t be an Armchair Quarterback. 
Effective feedback can only be given when the person giving the feedback has experience and expertise in that specific field. 
Know your place. 

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