“Be respectful of money. Don’t Love it. But definitely don’t hate it.”

Do you hear yourself saying things like “It’s not about the money,” when talking about your business? It’s easy to focus on the mission of your business, and reject the idea of making money, but that’s not a sexy business.

In this episode Kim challenges entrepreneurs with the idea that a sexy business respects the role that money plays, because that’s the way the mission of your business can continue.

The My Sexy Business Mastermind course is the perfect next step for a business that’s ready to respect money, and embrace the growth and impact it can bring.

Season 2, Episode 43

00:26 Why does making money even matter?
01:02 Are you the money-making problem in your business?
01:22 Why Kim used to hate the idea of making money.
03:06 The right attitude towards making money
03:26 When you have money, you also have this magic word