When you’re used to choosing hard, you continue to choose hard.

Are you tired of struggling? Tired of doing business and life the hard way? Do you need a break? Are you desperate to get off the struggle bus?

There is hope.

Tune in to today’s episode as Kim White tells you how to not only get off the Struggle Bus, but also get a full refund! And more than that, how to get lifetime access to the Sexy Bus for anyone wanting to build a sexy business and a sexy life.

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Season 2, Episode 31

00:31 What’s a Struggle Bus anyway?
01:00 How did Kim end up on the Struggle Bus?
01:47 What is ‘Expert Overwhelm?’
02:00 What’s the problem with ‘Expert Overwhelm?’
03:07 Why do we continually choose the hard way?
03:51 How do you stop the Struggle Bus, get off, and get a refund?