“We’re here to help you create a sexy business for a sexy life.”

In this episode, Kim is backing up and getting down to the core principles of this podcast. 

Most people have never heard the words “sexy” and “business” together in a sentence! But sexy is the BEST word to describe the business and life of your dreams.

Kim White, founder of the My Sexy Business Team, explains exactly what she means when she uses the word SEXY.  And she also helps us understand the difference between an Ugly Business and a Sexy Business using her own life lessons and experiences.

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Season 1, Episode 2

[1:02] What is an Ugly Business?

[2:39] So what exactly is a Sexy life?

[3:15] Kim spells out EXACTLY what she means by the term “sexy”

[4:55] What does a Sexy Business really look like?

[5:50] Backwards Thinking: The secret to building a sexy life.