It’s time to put on your PINK SILK SUIT in this “Black-Suit-Black-Briefcase world”

There is nothing sexier than being completely and unapologetically YOU. But how do you remain true to yourself, while still making a success in business? Listen to today’s episode to find out! 

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Season 2, Episode 25

00:33 What difference does Authenticity really make in business?

01:09 Have you made your ‘hotel room decision?’

02:19 Wearing a black suit ain’t always the way to go in business. 

03:28 That one thing that matters most (more than the suits!)

03:59 How to draw the right people to you in your business. 

04:47 What’s that one thing that keeps people from doing business with you?

05:05 The question every business person needs to answer ASAP