The Best Way to Win Clients is to Help Them Win.

Have you ever felt a disconnect between yourself and your clients? (Or even potential clients?) If you have, it’s possible you’ve been choking them without realising it. If your clients walk away from you feeling confused, overwhelmed and defeated, it might be time to look at how you are communicating with them. 

In today’s episode, Kim shares her sexy business tips on how to deliver your messages to your clients in ways that will have an impact on their business, and will help them win. 

Have a peak at the My Sexy Business Magazine for more sexy business secrets, strategy, and stories of how our clients have been winning too. We want to do everything we can to help you build a sexy business for a sexy life.  

Season 2, Episode 30

00:48 Are you overwhelming your clients without realizing it?

01:37 Even Kim does this when she gets nervous! But it’s a habit that’s got to go.

02:24 A sexy business blunder it’s easy to make as a “people’s person.”

02:37 Why you need to give your clients space.

03:18 Is this how you answer your clients’ questions? 

03:55 How to avoid the dreaded disconnect with your clients