“How you show up to celebrate represents how you are showing up in your business.”

Is celebrating a waste of time and money? Aren’t balloons just for kids parties? Isn’t champagne quite extravagant? The excuses to not stop and celebrate are never ending. Or maybe it’s not something you even think about.

Listen to this episode where Kim shares why celebrating your wins (big and small) is crucial to a thriving sexy business.

We are currently celebrating our 3rd My Sexy Business Magazine release. And we are so excited to share it with you. It’s packed full of incredible people celebrating their wins, and encouraging all of us to keep building our own sexy businesses and sexy lives!

Season 2, Episode 41

00:20 What do champagne and balloons represent in your life and business?
00:46 Why celebrating is important for you and your business.
01:24 The danger of skipping the celebrations in your business.
02:21 Avoid making this excuse in your business.
02:38 What kind of business wins are we allowed to celebrate?