Give yourself permission to be brilliant

Does it feel like you and your business are going 90 miles an hour? Do you ever have a moment to pause? Even more importantly, do you have moments to dream?

Kim describes these “moments to dream” as times of Bathtub Brilliance. And in this episode, she shares her advice on how to prioritize these moments if you are building a sexy business with serious goals.

If taking some time to slow down seems too stressful, catch up with our episode from Season 1: Slow Down to Speed Up on why SLOWING DOWN can be the key to building unstoppable momentum in your sexy business.

Season 2, Episode 40

00:23 What does Kim mean by “Bathtub Brilliant?”
00:48 Your “Bathtub” could be any of these places.
01:09 Kim’s Challenge to prioritizing Bathtub Brilliance.
02:09 How long should you be in the Bathtub for?
02:23 Why should you make Bathtub time a priority?