Hey You!

Are you wanting to start your podcast and not spend all the dollars?
Have you asked the question about “How do I start a podcast?” and received too much information?
We are breaking it down, simple style!
Join Kim White, Kerry Zarb, and Linda Booney in this workshop.
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Between the three of us we get asked

so many questions about our podcast and how to get started. We went ahead and put together this simple and effective workshop just for you!

You will learn about: 
  • Creating a basic plan
  • Using equipment you already have
  • Creating your podcast artwork using Canva
  • Where to publish your podcast for FREE
  • How to record your podcast super simple
We are making the whole getting started, really easy so you can literally start today!!!

Start Your Podcast Today Workshop


Join Kim White, Kerry Zarb, and Linda Booney in this workshop.

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