“Serving instead of stalking is a sexy business principle.

In the exciting first episode of the 2nd season, Kim White, founder of the My Sexy Business Team, challenges us with this  question: “ Is your marketing creepy?” 

Not only does she ask the question but she gives us the tips and tricks to make our marketing sexy. 

Tune into today’s episode as we launch into the exciting 2nd season where Kim shares some of her sexiest secrets yet! 

Season 2, Episode 24

0:22 What is creepy marketing?

0:40 When is your marketing on point?

01:34 How to change creepy marketing into sexy marketing. 

02:08 A really sexy business principle 

02:55 How to woo your clients.

Want to start making your offers juicy? Watch this space. 

Want to see your products and services flying off the shelf like juicy treats? Then you need to make your offer juicy (and ditch the traditional creepy-marketing tactics!)

It’s easy to go straight to selling, but Kim is about to help you slow down and ask the important questions like “What is a Juicy Offer?” and “How do I Make One” before you slide down the slippery slope into “creepy marketing” territory. 

And if you really want to build a Sexy Business for a Sexy Life then definitely check out the latest blog post on How To Avoid Creepy Marketing as soon as you’ve finished listening to this episode. 


Season 2, Episode 23

01:01 Does your offer pass the Juicy Test?

01:41 What do your feelings reveal about your offer

02:08 A juicy offer VS a creepy offer

02:20 The real problem with creepy marketing

02:55 Here’s the #1 characteristic of a juicy offer 

“Are you lying about your priorities? Ouch, right?”

In today’s episode Kim White, founder of the My Sexy Business Team, reveals how she asked herself this exact question in her business - and her answer may not be what you expect.  

She also shares the details of her Commitment Test - so you can test if your own life lines up with your priorities. And if it doesn’t, how to set yourself on the right track for a Sexy Business and a Sexy Life. 

Read more about Kim’s Commitment Test in her blog post from Season 1. 

Season 2, Episode 22

00:39 Even Kim was a little embarrassed to answer “No” to this crucial question. 

01:06 What exactly are “Hard Decision Crossroads?”

01:26 How to honor the priorities in your life.

01:53 Your priorities enemy #1

02:08 The simple principle to set your life priorities on.