“Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail.”

In today’s episode, Kim White, founder of the My Sexy Business Team, shares a sexy life principle with us about how preparing for something can change everything. 

Do you sharpen your axe before you cut your wood or do you hit snooze and spend much more time chopping at what you want? 

Tune into today’s episode to find out how you can create a sexy business and a sexy life. 

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Season 1, Episode 21

[0:52] What do a lot of us do in our lives and in our businesses?

[01:24] What will happen in business if you don’t prepare?

[01:40] How can you pay up first?

[01:56] Another great example of paying up first.

[02:13] What’s that feeling that Kim White hates?

[03:11] What principle does a sexy business and a sexy life require?

“Be grateful, be grateful, be grateful.”

In today’s episode, Kim White, founder of the My Sexy Business Team, has us asking ourselves, How is our attitude impacting our business and life? Do you have the right attitude or do you need to do some attitude adjusting for a sexy business and a sexy life?

Let's get real with what we think about the things going on. 

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Season 1, Episode 20

[0:29] Is the word ‘grateful’ being overused?

[0:40] What does the word ‘grateful’ mean?

[01:20] What can we be grateful for?

[03:06] A challenge from Kim.

[03:25] Kim shares a sexy business and life principle. 

“Have you ever heard of a dream breather? Not many people can say they have.” 

In today’s episode, Kim White, founder of the My Sexy Business Team, inspires us to not only surround ourselves with dream breathers but to be our own dream breathers too! 

Dream breathers are a gift in your life and should be embraced and sought after. However, avoiding dream killers and dream stealers is vital for your success. 

You don’t want to miss out on a single sexy business principle, so buckle up and enjoy the ride. 

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Season 1, Episode 19

[0:30] What is a dream breather?

[01:25] What is a dream stealer/dream killer?

[02:15] When do you need to guard yourself and your dreams?

[02:36] Where do you find dream breathers?

[03:29] How can you be your own dream breather?

“How many times have you set a goal only to realize a week later that you are done with it?”

In today’s episode Kim White, leader of the My Sexy Business Team, takes a look at the difference between goal setting and goal crushing. 

There is a big difference between setting goals and actually crushing them. So get ready to learn how to set the right goals and what to do to accomplish them.

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Season 1, Episode 18

[01:02] How to NOT crush your goals.

[01:20] What is goal crushing?

[01:32] What is a to do list?

[01:40] What is goal setting?

[01:57] How to set goals that you can crush.

“If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.” 
- Thumper (From the movie Bambi)

Most entrepreneurs don’t realize that there is a secret enemy to their business hiding within their walls. 

In this episode, Kim discusses how the success or failure of your business can all depend on the words you use when talking to yourself and others. 

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Season 1, Episode 17

[0:35] Who is listening to you the most?

[1:24] Are you allowing this one dangerous habit of speech?

[2:25] Advice from Bambi’s friend Thumper that is profoundly relevant to building a sexy business

[2:43] 3 danger words to watch out for

[3:06] Kim’s “Watch your mouth” challenge

“Vision boards simply need to be in your line of vision, not only vision for your life but in your eyesight.” 

In today’s episode, learn how to create a simple visual aid quickly to keep you focused and moving toward what you really desire. 

Kim White, founder of the My Sexy Business Team, shares a little about vision boards, what they are and how they can impact your life to make it sexy and beautiful. 

You don’t want to miss this! So sit back, relax and enjoy. 

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Season 1, Episode 16

[00:30] A vision board explained

[01:07] Where should one place a vision board?

[01:40] What a vision board shouldn’t be

[02:37] A great example of a vision board being executed correctly

[04:03] What is reticular activation?

[05:19] Kim White challenges us

“What are you doing about the F word? No, I’m not cussing, I’m talking about FOCUS.”

In today’s episode, we look at that very sexy word, FOCUS. Focusing on what you want seems simple until you get honest with yourself and find out that which is really going on in your business and life.

If you are serious about having a sexy business and a sexy life, you need to be serious about where your focus lies. What are you focusing on and what are you not focusing on? 

Tune in to today’s episode to find out if you are focusing on the sexy and the beautiful. 

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Season 1, Episode 15

[00:27] What are you doing about the F word?

[00:42] What’s the problem with focus?

[00:50] A real life example from Kim’s life 

[01:50] What should you be focusing on?

[02:14] What do the experts say that Kim doesn’t agree with 

[02:25] How to get what you want out of life

[02:42] Today’s challenge to you 

“Your actions are going to tell the truth”

It’s easy to say that you are committed to building a sexy business for a sexy life, but are you truly committed or are you just playing? This is an important question for every entrepreneur to ask, and continue asking on your sexy business journey.

In this episode, Kim shares a simple test to help you check your commitment - a crucial part of the process to accomplish your goals for any part of business and life.

Join Kim and other committed entrepreneurs in the Mastermind Course, for accountability, and practical business coaching.

Season 1, Episode 14


[1:09] A simple practice that Kim does regularly.

[1:38] Why you have to prioritize and be honest.

[2:30] Where does playing around take you?

[2:54] Take this simple commitment test.

[3:15] Other areas of life you can apply the commitment test to.

“Bring home some bananas honey!”

In today’s episode Kim White, founder of the My Sexy Business Team, teaches us how to create, wash, rinse & repeat recipes for our businesses and lives to save us time, money, & effort.

Sound confusing? Well, let me confuse you a little more… 

Kim chats to us about another sexy business principle: Slowing down so that you can speed up.  

Want to find out what this is all about? Then sit back, relax and tune into today’s episode. You don’t want to miss out! 

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Season 1, Episode 13 

[0:40] What does Kim White think is super sexy?

[1:10] Kim White explains a sexy process

[2:13] How can you slow down to speed up?

[2:28] What can give you more time in business and in life? 

[3:00] How are recipes and routines similar?

[3:35] How do you create joy in your life?

[4:10] How to not work 12 hours every day 

[5:00] A challenge from Kim White 

“Discipline brings freedom, but only the right kind of discipline.” 

In today’s episode, Kim White, founder of the My Sexy Business Team, explains the difference between a routine and a schedule and why routines can take the pressure off and give you more control so that you can have a sexy business and a sexy life. 

Do you want magic to happen all around you? Do you want to take the pressure off? Do you want to show up without that black cloud looming over your head? Then this is the episode for you! 

So take out your notepad and pen because this information is truly invaluable and you don’t want to miss out. 

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Season 1, Episode 12

[0:50] What is a schedule?

[2:03] A challenge from Kim White 

[2:40] Steps to put in place to have a sexy business and a sexy life

[2:55] Kim’s non-negotiables 

[3:14] Another challenge 

[5:19] What’s the big deal about routines? 

“Multi-tasking is a myth that we all bought into.”

In this episode, Kim shatters the illusion of success through multi-tasking. She explains what multi-tasking will actually do to your business and how it can never create a sexy life. 

She also gives an alternative to multi-tasking that will transform the productivity of your business that most entrepreneurs have never heard of. 

For even more juice on this crucial business principle for a sexy business and a sexy life, check out Kim’s interview with Yong Pratt.

Season 1, Episode 11

[1:12] This is what multi-tasking is NOT

[2:09] Why will multi-tasking never give you the results you want?

[3:19] What does multi-tasking in business look like?

[3:54] Stacking explained

[4:55] How can stacking build a sexy business

“The butterfly syndrome. Do you know what it is? Do you suffer from it? Did you know that it is highly contagious?”

In today’s episode, Kim White, founder of the My Sexy Business Team, defines and explains a phrase which she coined in business, The Butterfly Syndrome. The Butterfly Syndrome is an entrepreneur disease that can cause you to never succeed. 

The Butterfly Syndrome, she explains, is something we are all capable of having, any day and anytime. It is not gender-specific and does not depend on whether or not you have a job or a business. 

So tune it to find out if you suffer from Butterfly Syndrome and how to avoid it. 

Season 1, Episode 10 

[1:05] Butterfly syndrome explained

[2:03] How can butterfly syndrome reoccur?

[2:15] What is butterfly syndrome NOT?

[2:30] Butterfly syndrome further explained 

[3:05] What’s the real problem?

[4:00] What’s the important part?

[4:20] How to cure yourself of butterfly syndrome 

[4:52] A challenge from Kim White 

[5:18] Tricks to keep you from flitting 

[6:52] Another challenge from Kim White 

“Don’t put pressure on yourself that’s unnecessary.”

First, you launch your sexy business. Then you gain so much momentum that you are working at full throttle. Can you keep going at that crazy pace? Is it sustainable? Is it good for your business? Is it good for you?  Is it sexy? 

We’re building the foundation of the 100 crucial principles for building a sexy business and a sexy life and this is potentially one of the hardest principles to put into practice. But Kim puts it into perspective and gives some incredibly practical tips to help entrepreneurs keep the momentum of growing a truly sexy business for a truly sexy life.

In our Mastermind Course we dive deep into applying this principle of sustainability in business. Read more about it here and see if it is the next step for your sexy business. 

Season 1, Episode 9

[0:44] The problem with the Check-Off List

[1:19] Why you shouldn’t be scared to delegate

[2:44] Is taking a break a mistake?

[3:29] How to adapt your To-Do list for maximum efficiency at a healthy level

[4:19] What happens when you don’t slow down

“Soft selling is a SEXY way of selling something.”

In today’s episode Kim White, founder of the My Sexy Business Team, lets us in on another sexy business principle: SOFT SELLING. She tells us what it is and she tells us what it isn’t. 

Do you want a sexy business? Do you want a sexy life? You need to then ensure that you understand what a soft seller is and that you are a soft seller. 

Have you ever been cornered by a sleazy salesman only interested in getting a sale out of you? Don’t they make you cringe and want to run away?  No one likes a sleazy salesman because they are not sexy. That’s why Kim takes the time in this episode, giving you tips and tricks to avoid becoming one. 

Soft selling is what you want to be doing in your business. So let’s find out exactly what it is. 

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Season1, Episode 8

[01:00] What soft selling is NOT 

[01:15] What soft selling IS 

[01:32] When did Kim White turn down money?

[02:00] What is a sexy business NOT?

[03:35] Kim White gives us a challenge

[04:34] Soft selling further defined

[05:18] How to spike curiosity 

[05:45] The best method in business?

[06:10] The do’s and don’ts when soft selling

[06:50] How to get a good reputation in business

[07:20] How to avoid sleazy selling 

[08:00] Why is soft selling a sexy way of doing something?

[08:13] What will keep you from Kim White’s platforms?

[08:25] Important information to remember

[08:48] What will give you an endless supply of business?

“Don’t take advice from someone who is not ahead of you.”

Being an entrepreneur may be about building your own business, but it doesn’t have to be all on your own. Kim is here to convince you that working with coaches and mentors are the absolute best thing you can do for your sexy business and sexy life. 

In this episode, she dives deep into the differences between a Mentor and a Coach and how to figure out which one is the best fit for you.

We have some amazing real-life stories of success in the My Sexy Business Magazine, where men and women share their incredible stories of growth through coaching and mentorship. You can even subscribe here to get the magazine straight to your inbox every month. 

Season 1, Episode 7 

[2:44] How do you know when you need a new coach?

[5:18] The key characteristic of Kim’s ideal coach

[7:17] What kind of coach to be cautious of.

[7:30] Why being “self made” is not the goal.

[9:03] What does Kim’s ideal mentor look like?


“The only way to fail is to quit”

Being an entrepreneur comes with SO many challenges. But the greatest challenge by far is to persevere when the excitement dwindles and the boring processes take over. 

Kim wants to tell every entrepreneur exactly how to interpret those challenges. Listen in for some inspiration, motivation and practical tips for when the going gets tough.

For more encouragement and accountability join us on the Facebook Page - a community of entrepreneurs trying to build a sexy business for their sexy life! 

Season 1, Episode 6

[1:28] You’ve got to ask yourself this question as an entrepreneur.

[2:22] What is the right attitude to have towards the process?

[2:45] What happens if you don’t trust the process?

[3:47] Don’t even think about using this as an excuse.

[5:17] When to be truly stubborn and when NOT to be.

“Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly.” 

In today’s episode Kim White, founder of the My Sexy Business Team, leaves us feeling inspired once again with one of her many sexy profound sayings: “Messy is beautiful”.

She wastes no time in letting us in on the principles of a messy business and a messy life and why the messy is necessary and oh so beautiful in everyday life. The messy, according to her, is a beautiful process that causes one to realize that you don’t have to be perfect. 

So ask yourself, are you ready to embrace the messy and see how beautiful it can truly be? 

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Season 1, Episode 5

[0:37] One of Kim’s cringe worthy sayings 

[2:04] The keyword to a messy life

[3:22] An example of how messy can be beautiful

[4:10] A must have for a sexy life 

[4:40] What can Kim relate to?

[4:53] What can’t Kim relate to?

[6:25] Why you are not a failure

[7:20] You don’t have to be superman or superwoman

[7:48] A challenge from Kim 

“Staying in your lane keeps you on track”

A lot of people talk about “staying in your lane” but in this episode, Kim discusses her slightly different take on it. And specifically, how staying in your lane is crucial to building a sexy business and a sexy life. 

She has learned a lot of lessons the hard way, and is sharing some practical tips and insights about how to deal with all the opportunities that come up in business and in life - every single day. 

Consider sharing this podcast with your accountability partner or colleague so you can keep each other on track together!

Season 1, Episode 4

[1:33] The biggest barrier to staying in your lane.

[2:26] What questions should I ask when new opportunities come my way? 

[3:15] What is the worst kind of FOMO you can possibly have?

[3:57] What does “staying in your lane” look like practically in business?

[5:51] What you need to know before you can even consider “staying in your lane”

"What is a Sexy Life"

Do you know what a sexy life REALLY looks like? 

In this episode, we give you all the ins and outs of what a sexy life entails and EXACTLY how you can get that sexy life. 

Don’t wait a second longer. Hit that ‘play’ button and say goodbye to your ordinary, every day life and hello to that new sexy life. 

For more sexy secrets visit mysexybusiness.com 

Season 1, Episode 3

[0:45] What does it mean to have a sexy life? 

[2:02] A sexy life is being able to do what is a priority to you

[3:20] Put your priorities in writing. The clearer you can become about your priorities are,  the clearer you can become on what you want things to look like

[3:36] Take away the time and the money. Take away the responsibility aspects.

[5:05] How to get that sexy life 
Be clear about what you want 
Clear that you are responsible for creating that life
No excuse zone

“We’re here to help you create a sexy business for a sexy life.”

In this episode, Kim is backing up and getting down to the core principles of this podcast. 

Most people have never heard the words “sexy” and “business” together in a sentence! But sexy is the BEST word to describe the business and life of your dreams.

Kim White, founder of the My Sexy Business Team, explains exactly what she means when she uses the word SEXY.  And she also helps us understand the difference between an Ugly Business and a Sexy Business using her own life lessons and experiences.

So subscribe here to never miss an episode because Kim is planning to share some mind-blowing ideas, business principles, and even practical tips to enjoy your sexy life by building your own sexy business.

Season 1, Episode 2

[1:02] What is an Ugly Business?

[2:39] So what exactly is a Sexy life?

[3:15] Kim spells out EXACTLY what she means by the term “sexy”

[4:55] What does a Sexy Business really look like?

[5:50] Backwards Thinking: The secret to building a sexy life.

“What you dare to dream, dare to do.”

Kim White, founder and team leader of the My Sexy Business Team, dreamed of launching her own podcast and here she is today, launching her very first episode. 

Join Kim White and Jong Pratt as they discuss all things podcast. From why Kim started the podcast, to who the podcast is for, and when new episodes will be released. 

You DON’T want to miss out. 

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Join us now as we launch into episode 1. We can’t wait!

Season 1, Episode 1

[0:19] Who is Kim White? An introduction to the wonderful woman behind My Sexy Business. 

[4:07] What is the quote Kim lives by and models her business on?

[5:00] Who is My Sexy Business for?

[10:36] What most people don’t realize is a key factor in having a SEXY life.

[12:27] Kim explains how My Sexy Business is part of her mission to change the world!